Laboratory of Quantum Carbon Materials and Devices


        The word CARBON,CARBONIUM in Latin, was first appeared in Méthode de nomenclature chimiqueedited by Antoine Lavoisier et al. Though as an element carbon is 0.027 wt% in the crust, it is widely distributed in the nature. It’s also a life element, which is the main unit of organics, such as amino acid, nucleotide and so on. Besides, diamond and graphite, allotropes of carbon, are vital important industrial materials.

The lab. Focuses on quantum carbon materials and devices, which are applied into mechanics, information, energy and life areas. 


      Our group owns two super clean rooms totaling 100 m2, sets of PVD/CVD equipment as well as necessary test equipment.

Ultraviolet Lithography Megnetron Sputtering PLD Optical Emission Spectrometer
RFCVD(Independent R &D) Field Emission SEM XRD


Research Directions

1、Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond

By CVD method, researchers are trying to manufacture different propertiesand sizes of diamond, as natural diamond is rare.


With outstanding properties, diamond is an excellent candidate in devices, such as heat sinks, optical windows, particle sensors, SAW filters, etc.,which could perform far more better than others.

3、New allotropes of carbon

Researches have shown that there are a huge number of carbon allotropes, and more are waiting to be found, which could be candidates for new application in many fields.

4、Plasma Engineering

Plasma is a unique method in micro-nanofabrication, as well as in traditional manufacturing industry. It is quite useful to explore rules of plasma exciting and adjustments.





Prof. Chen Guang-chao

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Shi Yan-chao, Ph. D student Zuo Yong-gang, Ph. D student Li Jia-jun, Ph.D student
  Liu Hao, Master student Bai Yang, Master student Yuan Hewei, Master student