The College of Materials Science and Opto-electronic Engineering of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) was found in December 2008, which provides first-year education for thousands of graduate students from over twenty institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research majors of the college cover four first level academic disciplines including materials science and engineering, optical engineering, mechanic engineering, and instrumental science and technology and eleven second level academic disciplines including materials sicence, mechanic-electronic engineering etc.

Under the “research+education” system of the university, the college was mainly supported by the Institute of Semiconductors together with National Center of Nano-science and Technology, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Academy of Opto-electronics, and Institute of Physics. With the support from the institutes, the college has a high caliber faculty team and advanced research facilities for undergraduate and graduate education. The faculty team has 31 full-time professors and 175 adjunct professors, which includes 12 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 25 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 16 Scholars of One Thousand Talents Plan, etc. There are six teaching and research sections including physics and chemistry of materials, materials sciences, materials manufacturing engineering, erosion and protection science, optical engineering, and mechanical engineering together with fifteen research areas including silicon-based optoelectronics, informatics optoelectronics, laser technologies, nano-materials science, opto-electronic sensor and information processing, etc.

With the challenges and opportunities of building the world-class university and the “research+teaching” system of UCAS, the college is building the undergraduate and graduate student education, course and teaching materials system, and quality control system for education, and research platform to be a model system for creative education with the support from the faculty and students. Furthermore, the goal of the college is to build a world class education center and important harbor for high-calibre research and education talents, and first-class academic disciplines for materials science and optic engineering.