Name Research Interests Email
Bing Miao Theoretical soft condensed matter physics
Xiaoling Xiao Lithium Ion Battery, Inorganic Materials, Nanomaterials
Xiaozhong Qu Polymer physics, stimuli resposive polymers and Polymeric drug delivery systems
Hui Huang Synthetic methodology and conjugated materials synthesis
Junhui Xiang Inorganic structure and functional material, Photoelectric material and solar cell, Self-assembly of nanomaterial
Xiaodong Wang Electromagnetic Process of Materials and Magnetohydrodynamics
Jianfeng Li Metalloporphyrin Chemistry — Functional Biomimetic Models and Porphyrin-Based Metal Organic Frameworks
Guangchao Chen Functional film materials and plasma engineering
Fengzhen Liu Silicon based solar energy materials and devices
Yuqin Zhou Photoelectronic Film Material Physics