The Laboratory of Synthesis and Characterization of Inorganic Materials (LSCIM) at the College of Materials Science and OptoElectronics Technology, GUCAS, emphasizes the structure-property-relation of inorganic functional materials, using mainly solid state synthesis and X-ray/neutron diffraction techniques.
LSCIM is equipped with preparation and characterization equipments including Muffle furnaces, diffusion furnace, carbide furnace, IF Inductive Smelting Furnace, Vacuum Hot-pressing Furnace and XRD. The LSCIM is also closely coupled to the Chinese Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) with which it shares facilities including neutron diffractometers with special sample environments to do ‘in situ’ researches. 
The research projects within the LSCIM fall into three major categories:
1. Development of fabrication technologies of Inorganic Materials;
2. Crystal, magnetic and electronic structure characterizations of Inorganic Materials;
3. Development of characterization technologies of crystal structures;

Members in the Lab:
Zhongbo Hu, Xiangfeng Liu, Xiaoling Xiao