The laboratory of semiconductor thin film materials and devices (LSMD) was founded in 1980s and has been engaged in the research of silicon based materials and devices for over 20 years. Our current R&D includes growth mechanism of silicon thin film, broad spectrum materials for solar cells, thin film silicon solar cells, silicon thin film/crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells and silicon nano- or micro- rods solar cells. LSMD is equipped with several deposition systems including multi-chamber CVD, magnetron sputtering and evaporation. All of the CVD systems were designed to be PECVD and HWCVD at the same chamber. LSMD also has some necessary characterization facilities, such as conductivity-T, PDS, dark and photo I-V measurements, QE, FTIR etc. LSMD has established good relationship with many domestically and internationally research institutes to promote the improvement of the research work together.


Members in the lab:    Faculties:
Prof. Meifang Zhu
Prof. Fengzhen Liu
Prof. Yuqin Zhou
Dr. Yurong Zhou
Mr. Jinlong Liu

Hailong Zhang (PhD)
Gangqiang Dong (PhD)
Guorong Li (MS)
Yong Cao (MS)
Nan Wang (MS)
Ping Zhang (MS)