No:M12015Y    Title:Polymer Matrix Composites       Hour:40       Credit:2       Instructor:Zheng-Bin Sun       Semester:Autumn
Polymer matrix composites are becoming an essential part of today's materials because they offer advantages such as low weight, corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, faster assembly, etc.  Now, it has been starting to make a major industrial impact in fields as diverse as aerospace, automotives and electronics. This course gives a comprehensive, integrated coverage of these materials, including the background to analytical-, experimental-, production and application-oriented aspects.
This course is aimed primarily at help the students to master the basics knowledge and know about the research of polymer composites, but may also inspire the students interest on study composites. 
Chapter 1: General Information On Polymer Matrix Composites
Chapter 2: Reinforced Materials
Chapter 3: Matrix Materials
Chapter 4: Composites Interface
Chapter 5: The Application of Morphological Methods to Composite Materials
Chapter 6: Toughening Mechanism of Composites
Chapter 7: Composite Processing and Manufacturing – An Overview
Chapter 8: Some Functional Composites
R. Talreja,etc,Polymer Matrix Composites Amsterdam:Elsevier,2001