No:M11001Y    Title:Symmetry Theoretical Methods and Applications to Crystals       Hour:40       Credit:2       Instructor:Yali Wang       Semester:Autumn
This course is specialized basic course for graduate students whose major are material physics and chemistry. The basic concept of the symmetry group and its application in the crystal physics and crystal chemistry were teaching.
The course is helpful for students of many majors, such as solid state physics, solid state chemistry, material science, computational chemistry and geology.
chap 1 Crystallographic symmetry Foundation
Crystallographic symmetry, Point symmetry operation, Space symmetry operation
chap 2 Group theory foundation
The basic concept and basic method of group theory
chap 3 Two dimensional crystallography
Planar crystallographic point groups; the plane lattice; point type plane space group; non - point type plane space group.
chap 4  Crystallographic point group
Pure rotational point groups, center of symmetry point group, Non-centrosymmetric point group, group classification, subgroup-parent group relationship.
chap 5 Space lattice
Reciprocal lattice, Coordinate transformation, Bravais matrix.
chap 6 Space group
Point type space group, Non - point type space group, Derivation of the space group, Space group classification, The use of space group graphs.
Chap 7 Space group and crystal structure 
Crystal structure type, Symbol and lookup method, Space group determination, The application of space group in crystal structure determination
chap 8 Macroscopic symmetry and physical properties of crystals
Tensor and crystal physical properties, Influence on crystal symmetry to physical properties of crystals, The application of crystal physical properties in the point group determination
chap 9 Selected topics
Relationship between the group and subgroup in Phase transitions, color group, symmetry in
reciprocal space, generalized crystallography and generalized symmetry, dynamic symmetry