No:M11004Z    Title:Solid State Physics       Hour:40       Credit:2       Instructor:Qing-Bo Yan       Semester:Autumn
This course is the basic course for students major in materials science and engineering. This course mainly contains the fundamental theory and basic knowledge of solid state physics, includes the structures and binding of crystal, and the thermal, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of solids and the related physics laws.
After this course, students should understand the basic concepts and principles in solid state physics; should be able to apply them in materials science, nanoscience and other fields.
Chapter 1: Crystal structures and reciprocal lattice
Chapter 2: The binding and classify of crystals
Chapter 3: The crystal vibrations and thermal properties
Chapter 4: Electron theory of metal
Chapter 5: Energy band theory 
Chapter 6: Electron theory of Semiconductor
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Yan ShouSheng, Fundamentals of Solid State Physics, Peking University Press, Beijing, 2000.